Friday, February 5, 2010

What's Up, Doc? filming locations Part 1

I've explored San Francisco in order to document the ultimate guide to movie locations from What's Up, Doc? For the next few weeks I'll be posting all the spots I've found in chronological order. Some of the spots have remained relatively unchanged after almost 40 years. Others, sadly, have been remodeled beyond recognition.
For instance, the opening scene at the San Francisco airport terminal has been severly altered. The original South terminal is still there; however, the baggage claim and entrance (where we are introduced to Howard and Eunice) has been extensively modified to the point I can't identify the exact location. Which is why I'm jumping forward to what I call the "pizza scene".
Not much has changed here, except now you can park for 2 hours instead of 1.


  1. Thank you for all of these (I did also see your later pics)! I'm headed to SF next week just so I can see the movie at The Castro and was thinking about doing the same thing (now & then pics), but since you did such an amazing job I'll just do the highlights for myself. I do wish you had labelled more locations, but I suppose you can't give away all your hard work!
    Thanks again-

  2. Hello Roy:
    Most of the locations are well known. If there was a specific location you were interested in that wasn't identified, I'll be more than happy to tell you the street location. Some of the locations I found by referencing buildings in the background and I didn't write down the exact location but I can give you the general idea where it is.
    I'm not holding back, I'll share the filming locations.
    I'm glad you like the locations. Enjoy seeing What's Up,Doc? with a San Francisco audience at the Castro.

  3. Thanks so much for documenting all of these locations!

    I Just watched this movie for the first time tonight. I had heard that it had San Francisco locations but I didn't realize so much of it was filmed on and around Bush Street, I live on Bush and I could actually see my building in the shot at the intersection of Bush and Jones, looking East towards the Financial District. Very fun and exciting!