Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What's Up, Doc? filming locations Part 18

Tried to match up with the exact window mullion, but I think I'm off by one or two- but enjoy the view anyway. As you can see, the skyline has grown susbstantially during the past decades. The Bay bridge is still there if you look hard enough. The mullion is blocking the same building in both the before and after shot. The hills in the background haven't changed a bit. Again, after shot would look better on a sunny day.
A special thanks to the San Francisco Hilton for allowing me up there to begin with. The area was closed to the public for a private event. I told the concierge about my mission to photograph all the What's Up, Doc? locations and he allowed me access to the top floor- with security of course. I think the area is typically closed to the public- the security had to key into the elevator panel to get me up there.


  1. Simply unbelieveable! I'm so glad you did this.

  2. Did you look up photographs from the original Hilton back then?
    I am also a big fan of what's up doc and I was debating telling the concierge about the Bristol/Cristal problem at a recent stay in SF.
    Do you think many people ask for room 1717?

  3. I've talked to the front desk about the movie. Most are aware of the filming, but not as enthusiastic as me about it. I'll check the internet for vintage photos. I've been on the 17th floor, knowing ahead of time it was shot on a film set. But I had to check it out anyway.