Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What's Up, Doc? filming locations Part 13

The old lobby is now a series of meeting rooms :(


  1. Wow--amazing to see how much no longer exists--here I was trying to see how the current lobby matches up to the film (not at all!), and it's no wonder. I was in one of these meeting rooms (for a conference--no, not on musicology)...perhaps right on the spot where Mrs. Van Hoskins has her temper tantrum....

    I so wanted there to be a drugstore, too--with a souvenir Alcatraz rock.

    How did you figure these out? Such dedication. I was taken down to the garage level via elevator to catch the Super Shuttle--had no idea that's where the escalators went to! Now I have to go back.

  2. I knew they filmed at the Hilton, but it has grown and been remodelled a few times over since filming. I found the old entrance first and took it from there.