Thursday, August 12, 2010

Contest time

I wonder who won this contest.
I remember For Pete's Sake being promoted on TV that summer. When school was out for the summer, I would watch game shows on television all day. Between the three channels, you had at least one game show airing for a good part of the day. I would watch TV all day long until my mom turned it off and made me go outside and play. At the end of the program during credits, they would show the title card for For Pete's Sake and the voice-over would talk about the movie "promotional consideration given by . . . ." I don't remember the specific game shows, but I do remember it happening repeatedly.
I had previously seen The Way We Were earlier that year (or possibly the previous fall) so I knew who Barbra Streisand was. I had even bought the 45 single. This movie looked interesting (at least to a 13 year old). Our town at the time was slow getting new releases. The movie had to play everywhere else before it reached us. And by that time it would, it would be a scratchy print.
But getting back to the contest, you never hear about the winner- or the lucky guests that got to attend. So if any of you are out there, raise your hand.
Now if they would only have a similiar contest for Little Fockers.

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