Thursday, August 5, 2010

For Pete's Sake filming locations Part 2

Finding locations like Henrietta and Pete's apartment takes a little research. In this case, I was pretty sure they actually filmed in the Brooklyn borough. I could tell from watching the movie that they filmed on a street with brownstones on one side and a park on the other.
Living in South Florida, it's not difficult to find someone who grew up in New York. I took the photos of these scenes to work and asked around. Everyone agreed that it had to be Prospsect Park (the wall was a give-away). There's only one street where you have townhomes on one side with the park on the other- Prospect Park West (again, this is coming from the N.Y.'ers).
So it was only a matter of taking the subway to the Grand Army Plaza stop and start walking. I don't remember the exact cross street but it was near 4th or 5th street. And low and behold, there it was.


  1. I live in Park Slope and often walk on Prospect Park West. If that's the building I think it is, it's 225 Prospect Park West at 8th Street.

  2. Sorry, 125 PPW at 8th St.

  3. Confirmed - 125 PPW (6th floor) - my parents lived there when it was filmed.