Sunday, March 7, 2010

Yentl, the book

I bought this hard-bound book around the time of the movie's release. The best I recall, there wasn't a novelization of the movie published in the U.S. No cross-promotion. No mention is made of the movie on the jacket cover.

During the early part of 1984 Singer gave a speech at Trinity University in San Antonio and to read an excerpt from a new book he had recently released. At the end of lecture, he took questions from the audience. The first question was from someone asking for his reaction to Streisand's version of Yentl (before I could ask). At the time there were reports he wasn't happy with the changes she made to the story. I can't quote verbatim what he said, but I remember he remained nuetral on the subject- something along the lines that the movie was her version of the story and not his. He wasn't exactly praising the movie, to my disappointment.

I still haven't read the book!


  1. Dear Hart,

    I am a fan of Ms.Streisand, i've bought dvd Yentl since 4 yrs ago and just got a chance to sit down and watch it properly a few day ago(I did fell asleep at the first time I watched,haha)

    Before I got a dvd, I do understand the story is about a young lady pretend to be a young man left home and found love,

    But after I watched it in full, I can say I fell in love with the film, it was so beautiful.

    I remember about Ms.Streisand, would like to make this film since she just started her career,

    I thinking about to buy a book of Yentl the yashiva boy, because I thought the book was as same as the film,

    But I found your blog, and found Mr.Singer wasn't happy with the film,

    That remind me to Julie Powell(Julie & Julia), when she heard as Julia Child wasn't impress with her diary,

    But for Yentl the film was far too beautiful to me.

    Thank you for your blog, I am following you from now.

    From...Eiad Thailand.

  2. Hello to Thailand:

    I'm glad you finally watched all of Yentl. I thought Barbra did a phenomenal job of translating the book for the big screen.