Monday, March 8, 2010

The Bergman's on Barbra

Alan and Marilyn Bergman were profiled on CBS Sunday Morning by Nancy Giles on March 7.

I'll try to recap the Barbra moments for you here.

-"A Child is Born" is playing in the background against a montage of childhood photos of N.G.-

N.G.- "When I was growing up I saw the names Alan and Marilyn Bergman on some of my favorite records many times sung by the great Barbra Streisand".


-"Way We Were" is playing in the background with scenes from the movie.-

Oscar number two was for their classic hit, The Way We Were.
M.B.- "If we didn't hear crying or sniffles when they sneak previewed the picture, we missed the boat".

N.G.- "Did you hear sniffles"?

M.B.- "We saw the Kleenex come out and we knew it was O.K. And then we she reached up and brushed the lock of hair it was kind of an iconic moment."

--N.G.-The Way We Were is only one of the hits they have written for their friend Barbra Streisand."--

M.B.- "When we hear her sing something that was written for the first time, we hear it, there's a layer there that she will bring to it that we never knew was there."

-clip of Papa, Can You Hear Me?-

--They also wrote this one for the movie Yentl. The score, written with their frequent collaborator Michel Legrand, earned them their third Oscar. --

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