Saturday, July 3, 2010

Limited Engagement

Here's a newpaper ad from San Antonio for a "limited engagement" of A Star is Born. I like the additional text they added to the clip art. How true, it is indeed a love story you will never forget. As I've mentioned before A Star is Born played in the San Antonio area for about a year at various theaters.

The Cine Cinco theater had opened the previouis summer at the then new Windsor Park Mall. Sadly, the mall is now closed. The theater screens were small and rather bare anyway. The Movies 4 was way on the other side of town at the South Park Mall. I made my one and only trip to the South side to see the movie there. I remember by this time the print they had was pretty chopped up. The movie would jump a few frames sporadically during the movie including during Evergreen! I was livid.

I've got a bunch of stuff from A Star is Born, so I'm going to continue with it and dedicate July to that movie. I hope you don't mind (as if anybody would!).

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