Thursday, April 29, 2010

Streisand autographs

I'm not into buying autographs from sellers. But I've made two exceptions. The first one was way back in the '80s when it wasn't as easy to find them. I was so surprised to find one that I didn't scrutinize it close enough- it turned out to be a fake! I simply got caughht up in the thrill of finding one that I temporarily lost my senses.

With the introduction of Ebay you can readily find them for sale- and with still more authenticity issues. It's very easy for some slimeball to increase the value of a $1 album with a fake Barbra signature.

I bought the one above for three reasons. 1-it was personalized (supposedly it decreases the value to collectors). 2-it included an inscription (again, it supposedly decreases the value). Both reasons are for me all the more to think the signature is real. Forgers aren't going to go through all that trouble if it is ultimately going to distract from it's collectability- and price.

And 3- it just looks real. Who else is going to say "I'm art deco'd out"? I don't know who Richard is and I don't know when it was signed. Barbra has mentioned in interviews that after she finished decorating the art deco house, she got tired of it- and that was way after The Way We Were came out.

So I'm not planning on aquiring any more Barbra autographs . . . . . unless they are in person!


  1. As a Barbra fan named Richard, I would love to own this!

  2. Richard:
    Email me. I may make you an offer you can't refuse.