Sunday, October 9, 2011

All Night Long filming locations Part 17

I should start by saying I'm not 100% sure if this movie scene was shot on location or in the studio. However the bottom photo is the door to room #407 as it looks today (the room number is now off to the left outside the shot). Watching the movie, I get the impression that this was shot on location. The hallway was very tight and the doors appear in the same layout as it appears in the movie. If it was built on a sound stage the set designer could have created any type of interior he wanted. It wouldn't be necessary to recreate an exact duplicate of the real location.

I can tell you that the door does belong to a corner unit but I was not allowed inside as the room was occupied. The front desk lady escorted me up to this floor. She said that if the room was vacant she would have let me in. But it is one of the units with the rounded corner like in the movie. I would assume that the room would be recreated on a set. It would be tight squeeze to fit a whole crew inside a small hotel room and get all the shots from the different angles as they did. So if they went to the expense of building a set for the hotel room they probably included a recreation of the hallway.

So it's a toss-up.

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