Tuesday, August 23, 2011

This is Hot

Today is one of my favorite days. Anytime a new Streisand album comes out is one of my favorite days (along with any new Streisand film opening release dates). Of course I'm aging myself when I refer to it as an album. It use to be so simple then. You went to your record store and bought the album and listened to it after school or work. Later, you could by the CD at lunch time and listen to it at work if you were lucky enough to have a CD drive on your computer. It didn't matter where you bought it.
Now you have to decide. Do you order the special edition package with DVD on QVC? Do you order the single or double CD at Target? Do you order the special edition CD at Starbucks? Or do you download the music file to your phone? Too many options!
Call me old fashioned but I prefer the album.

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