Monday, March 28, 2011

Hello, Dolly! on campus

Colleges could order movies for screenings on their campus through specialty film catalogues. Hello, Dolly! was available at one time in two different versions! One version ran 145 minutes long and a shorter version ran at 118 minutes (and at a savings of $50)! I say splurge and spend the extra money. I would be curious to see the abbreviated version. They probably cut out some of the musical numbers.

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  1. The cut down version of Hello, Dolly! were all on 16mm film called airline prints, they were made to fit a 2 hour airline flight. Missing were the opening and Just Leave Everything to Me song, (the film stared at the credits), other song numbers that were gone were Ribbons Down My Back, Elegance, Love Is Only Love, It Only Takes A Moment, and part of the finale.